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RaisinaUnderground: Cong prez race down to 4 or is it?

by | Sep 10, 2022 | India

As the date for the elections to the Congress president gets near, the probable candidates have now whittled down to some none unknown.

The Congress picks its next president in little over a month and the race appears to have narrowed down to four names—Rahul Gandhi, notwithstanding his cryptic remarks of September 9, Ashok Gehlot, Mukul Wasnik and KC Venugopal.
But here is a twist, as is with all things Congress these days.
It is being said if party leaders and workers succeed in persuading Sonia Gandhi to continue—and they can be “persuasive” — then the Congress will have a working president to manage its day-to-day affairs.
Rahul Gandhi, however, has been saying that someone from outside the Gandhi family should lead the party.
That should give an edge to Gehlot and Wasnik but then Rahul Gandhi much rather have loyalist KC Venugopal as the president.
Gehlot wants to continue as the Rajasthan chief minister and is insisting that a loyalist, and not archrival Sachin Pilot, be made the CM if he has to be the party president.
This has forced the high command to look for other options. On September 9, Wasnik was removed as the Congress general secretary in charge of Madhya Pradesh, leading to the buzz that he was a potential candidate.
But isn’t Venugopal in the race too? Well, his proximity to Rahul Gandhi hasn’t made him Mister Popular in the party. A large section blames him for the party’s sinking fortunes and if his candidature faces resistance, he will be made the vice-president.
Complicated? We just got started. The election is on October 17. Watch this space.

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