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Mr Sibal, you proved us right

by | May 27, 2022 | India

The exit of Kapil Sibal from the Congress for the sake of a Rajya Sabha seat has raised the hackles of loyal Congress workers. Here's one such loyalist.

By an ordinary but loyal Congress worker

It has been two days since the resignation of senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal, who was a Union minister in the two terms of United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, courtesy Sonia Gandhi, and I am yet to see any reaction from his G-23 colleagues or the so-called reformers of my 137-year-old party. 

There is none so far from the ever ‘power enjoying’ Ghulam Nabi Azad or rootless wonder Anand Sharma or the election escape master Manish Tewari. 

‘Sabko saanp sung gaya hai’ (they have smelt a snake and gone silent). 

Sibal’s resignation has exposed the duplicity and hypocrisy of these power hungry Congress leaders. Evidently, they had formed this G-23 to promote their own interest rather than that of the party. 

It proved that these bunch of self-seekers (and not change seekers as the media has been portraying them) wanted a Rajya Sabha seat by hook or by crook. 

Had the party interest been supreme for them, Sibal would have stayed put and at least ensured that the Congress is revived in Chandni Chowk. 

Similarly, there is a buzz that Azad and Anand Sharma will be getting Rajya Sabha nominations. 

What happens to the G-23 or their reform plan? Why have they gone silent now? Or is it that their Rajya Sabha nominations have put the Congress back on track. 

For the past two years, no one has caused such an irreparable damage to the Congress as done by these selfish leaders. 

Here I would like to commend the Congress leadership for acknowledging the concerns of these G-23 leaders by sending some of them to the Rajya Sabha. 

I had worked very closely with Jagannath Mishra till the time he was the chief minister of erstwhile Bihar and remained in the Congress. The day Mishra left the party, he asked me to join him. I refused. Why? Because I didn’t want to leave and betray ‘my’ Congress and have been its loyal worker for more than 40 years. 

I have never sought any post for myself and in fact antagonised Congress functionaries on several occasions by speaking the truth that they didn’t want to hear. ‘Kabhi kissi ki chaplusi nahi ki. Sach ko sach kaha aur thok ke bola’ even at the cost of being very unpopular with some leaders because for me the Congress was supreme and I would never tolerate anyone inflicting any damage to my mother. 

I would also like to point out the dual character of a person like Azad who has enjoyed power either in the government or in the party throughout his career. He demanded elections to the Congress Working Committee, forgetting that it was him who had repeatedly requested and dissuaded the Congress high command of abandoning the polls to the party’s highest decision-making body. What a fall from grace? 

Hooda has gone silent because his man has been appointed the Haryana Congress president. What if someone more deserving had been named? Would he have left the party? 

By the way, what will Azad and Anand Sharma do if they are not sent to the Rajya Sabha. Would they follow Sibal and leave the party thus relieving it of the misery of suffering them for years? 

I appreciate Sonia Gandhi for handling the internal crisis in a dignified manner. I commend Rahul Gandhi for taking the criticism against him by these G-23 leaders positively and not being vindictive as we see in other political parties. 

Lastly, my suggestion to the so-called leaders of now seemingly disbanded G-23 is that they should display some spine and refuse any gratification from the high command and instead dedicate themselves for the revival of the Congress. I, Kishore Kumar Jha, would continue to do so in my own way. 

Kishore Kumar Jha is a senior Congress leader from Bihar.

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