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PM Modi Has Both Intent And Commitment To Set Right Kashmir Turbulence: Kashmiri Pandit Leader Ashok Bhan

by | Oct 12, 2022 | India

Bhan says PM Modi intends to win hearts of people through his reach out process coupled with development schemes

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi always intended to set right the Kashmir turbulence through a reach out process coupled with genuine development initiatives, said senior Kashmiri Pandit leader Ashok Bhan.

Speaking at a seminar in Delhi, Bhan said his statement that ‘Dil ki dooriyan aur Dilli se doori ko mitana hai’ indicated his willingness to walk an extra mile to restore lasting peace in the valley.

The benefits of pro-people schemes have started reaching to the last common person even in remotest areas, he said, adding that it was a laudable manifestation of the current central government’s module for Jammu and Kashmir.

Bhan, who is also a senior advocate and Chairman of the Kashmir Policy and Strategy Group apart from being a distinguished fellow United Services institution of India (USI), said Kashmir has been in turbulence with continuing unrest for the last few decades and sizeable numbers of local youth were driven for recruitment to militancy.

“Kashmir is on the boil perpetually for the last more than three decades. The ‘wolf of mayhem’ continues to consume human lives.”

He said the army, police and other security agencies are terming the elimination of terrorists and fewer arrests as a major success in anti-terrorist operations.

“It indeed is, but with a caveat. The collateral damage — the death of civilians and security personnel and destruction of individual properties — is painful. The subtle support of overground workers to militancy contributing to selective killings of innocent citizens are issues that should worry the government,” he said.

“Terrorism has rendered Jammu and Kashmir, especially the valley, without liberty and individuality. It has devastated the economy, education and normal living pattern, the plural ethos, and imperilled institutions. The societal psyche is turning cynical and despondent and that is what Pakistan and militancy have managed to do with the people of Kashmir,” added Bhan.

In the name of self-determination, he said the people have no voice of their own and the emotions are controlled and charged by proxies. People know the disastrous consequences of the harm Pakistan and terrorists have done to the current and future generations of Kashmir. But the anti-India sentiment that has grown over the years is so strong that people refuse to see the logic, the Kashmiri Pandit leader said.

“Modi’s outreach is intended to address attitudinal, socio-cultural, political and economic grievances in order to win the hearts and trust of the people and let the menace of terrorism be handled by the professional security forces.”

Talking about the plight of Kashmiri Pandits, Bhan said another pressing issue is that of the natives living in exile for the last 33 years. “There is a consensus in the political spectrum for their return, rehabilitation and political empowerment. The government needs to demonstrate the requisite political will to execute that plan. Kashmiri Pandits are yearning to return home. Let the Centre rehabilitate them in Baramulla, Srinagar and Anantnag. Otherwise, the idea of India in Kashmir is incomplete without their physical presence,” he said.

Bhan claimed that the massive gathering in home minister Amit Shah’s public meeting in Baramulla demonstrates the people’s yearning for peace, democracy and right to terror-free peaceful life. “It further manifests the rejection of Pakistan’s bigotry terrorism and radicalised narrative.”

In a democracy, he said a prolonged Governor’s rule is not an option. “The Governor’s rule is to set right those issues that concern the people most. Such efforts with the policy push are the only way forward. Kashmir calls for peace and its people crave for a peaceful life, as also for a democratically elected government of their representatives. The sooner the elections are held the better it would be for winning hearts and minds of the people,” added Bhan.

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