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SuperTech Twin Towers disappear in spectacular ignominy

by | Aug 28, 2022 | India

Take a look at the pictures of the spectacular explosions that brought an end to the SuperTech Twin Towers saga.

Supertech Twin Towers at Noida were demolished this afternoon without causing any harm to man or material.

For those involved, it seems to have gone according to plan; the demolition was conducted in a safe and secure manner.

At sharp 2:30 pm, the structures were brought down by controlled explosions, which turned one of the tallest structures in the country to dust in mere 10 seconds.

The residents of Supertech Emerald Court and ATS village were evacuated, as both these housing societies were in proximity of the towers.

The residents were later permitted to go back to their homes as the dust settled.

The area within 500 metres of the towers was evacuated with no human or animal inside, except authorities involved in carrying out the explosion.

The area outside the parameter was full of media people to cover the historical event. Locals were gathering at all the spots to catch a glimpse of the demolition.

As the explosion occurred, crowds were shouting and hooting over the destruction of the gigantic structures.

All in all, it was a day of excitement and fear, the excitement of this historical demolition and the fear of its repercussions in everybody’s heart, which were unharmful.

Pictures by Hamza Khaleel

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