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Five delicacies you’d want to gorge on this Ramzan

by | Apr 23, 2022 | Society

Hamza Khaleel is back with some more lip-smacking pictures. He brings delicacies that you'd want to try out this Ramzan.
5 delicacies you must eat during Ramzan

Khajla is a must-eat during Sehri. It is eaten in many homes throughout Ramzaan. Sehri is the beginning of Roza. In Old Delhi, people love to start their fast with a delicious bowl of Khajla.
Khajla is eaten with milk, just like cornflakes. It can be poured into a bowl of milk, Khajla is then added. After letting it be for a few minutes. The milk turns the crunchy delicacy into soft fluffy servings. That’s a nutritious and healthy recharge food for the whole day.


Just like Khajla, Pheni is eaten with milk. Pour some milk and Pheni in a bowl and begin your fast with a nutritious meal.


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Sheermal in its simplest description is a bread stuffed with dry fruits and butter. There are some places in Old Delhi that serve sheermal stuffed with butter and fruit jam. It is like a pizza but instead of all the cheese, it has butter, Desi ghee and dry fruits. And unlike a pizza, the topping is inside the bread. To enjoy a sheermal in its entirety, eat it with a glass of milk.

Keema Samosa

Many halwais in old Delhi serve Keema Samosas during Iftar. They are just like a regular samosa but instead of vegetables, you’ll find keema in it. You can find both mutton and chicken samosas in the area.

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Keeme ki Goli

‘Keeme ki Goli’, is exactly like it sounds. These are fried meatballs, loved by everyone in the walled city. They are the pakoras for meat lovers. For me, a Ramzan where I don’t get to eat these a few times doesn’t feel like Ramzan at all.



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