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The last night of Ramzan in Old Delhi

by | May 3, 2022 | Society

Eid Mubarak to one an all! Here are exclusive pictures by Hamza Khaleel taken on the last night of Ramzan in Old Delhi.
Eid in Old Delhi by Hamza Khaleel

The last night of Ramzan as Muslims call it ‘Chand Raat’ is another festival in itself. Markets are filled to the brim. As it starts getting late in the night, Markets in the lanes of Jama Masjid begin to get crowded. At midnight or 2 in the morning, you won’t find a place to keep a foot in the streets. You’ll stand in Daryaganj and the crowd will take you to Jama Masjid.
For the people of the walled city, leaving at least one last chore for Chand Raat is a must, it’s in our blood. We’ll prepare for Eid throughout the holy month but still, there’ll be something left for the night before Eid.

The whole neighbourhood is filled will shoppers, buying ethnic to western, sandals to sneakers, sweets, and whatnot. On every corner women are getting Mehendi drawn on their hands, Saloons are filled with hours-long waits for even a shave or a haircut.

Halwais have extended their shops to the roads with huge displays of Mithai. One thing that is felt throughout the area is the aroma of Eid’s special Kachori. Wherever you go, this aroma never leaves you.

After all, Eid’s Kachori is the first bite of the festival, hard and crunchy filled with daal or in some fabulous places with keema. You can’t celebrate the festival without stuffing your tummy with lots of these.

Chand Raat makes the walled city the city which doesn’t sleep. The entire neighbourhood of Jama Masjid stays open till 5 in the morning, in layman’s, old Delhi does not sleep on Chand Raat except a few boring souls.

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